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"Puros Sueños"  Available Now 


Noybel’s muse

Vegas vocalist Noybel Gorgoy is releasing an ode to her late father, Noel, appropriately enough, on Father’s Day. The single is called “Puros Sueños (Pure Dreams).” The tune is available on all digital platforms.

Gorgoy sang in Holmes’ “Between The Lines” show at Palazzo Theater and is a member of the gypsy-jazz band Hot Club Las Vegas. She is originally from Pinar del Rio, Cuba, having moved to town with the production “Havana Night Club” at Stardust in 2004.

Gorgoy’s father was was a composer and guitarist for a prominent theater group in the family’s hometown. Noel Gorgoy had planned to move to Las Vegas in 2013 when he died tragically after falling down a flight of stairs. She also plans to film a music video with the single. As Gorgoy says, “I think wherever my father is, he will love it.”


......Remember the name Noybel Gorgoy. This Cuban soprano seems destined for stardom as well. That too is the mark of great entertainer. A legend grooms the next generation of great performing artists.........








Radio Interview fot KNPR Public Radio , LAs Vegas. 

.............Singer Noybel Gorgoy Reyes is especially impressive, with an impassioned rendition of “t’s a Man’s World”. And it is great to hear a song by Adelaide artist Sia......


HOLLYWOOD, FL - JUNE 13: Singer/dancer Dennis Bain runs underneath fellow singer/dancer Noybel Gorgoy Reyes during a performance of the 'Havana Night Show' at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino June 13, 2006 in Hollywood, Florida. The show is a preview for a United States tour beginning in November 2006. The troupe will open a headlining show on the Las Vegas Strip following the tour. Fifty-two Cuban performers from the show, who now live in Las Vegas, Nevada, were granted political asylum by the United States last July. It was the largest group ever to defect to the U.S. The group feared reprisals by the Cuban government claiming it had tried to prevent them from traveling to the U.S. to perform and subsequently threatened their artistic futures if they returned to Cuba. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ViaShow)



.....A similarly extensive, and inherently difficult, decision was which singer to select. Again, the city is a veritable treasure trove of great female singers, and Holmes auditioned many of the very best. But he had caught Noybel Gorgoy at Tuscany Suites’ Piazza Lounge a couple of weeks ago as she performed with Kenny Davidsen’s band.

“Wow, who is this?” was Holmes’ startled response to the performance by Gorgoy, who hails from Cuba and is the fiery vocalist for the gypsy jazz band The Hot Club of Las Vegas (most recently that band floored Cab Jazz during the Composers’ Showcase of Las Vegas). Not as well-known as many of the singers who tried out for the role, Gorgoy showed up to audition for Holmes and Henderson and was asked to sing a song in Spanish.

“She turns to Christian at the piano and asks if he knows some title in Spanish that I hadn’t heard of,” Holmes recalled, laughing. “Christian hadn’t heard of it, either, so she says, ‘I’ll do it,’ and moves him off the piano and plays it herself. So, she’s got that capability, too.”......

......Four dancers with the singer Noybel Gorgoy Reyes and their touching interpretation of the song "Read all about It", by Emeli Sandé, are thoughtful moments, a song full of light that can defeat the shadows, as it is called in the text, tender dance.......


.....Noybel Gorgoy Reyes’ voice – pitch perfect on Lorde and Sia – filled the theatre...


......this was a Cuban equivalent of the Dave Arch house band, featuring an excellent female singer Noybel Gorgoy.....


......The backing track is Sia's 'Chandelier' and, like its video clip, it shivers down the spine and lures you ever closer to the edge of your seat.....